Alistair Mavin (Mav) is an independent requirements specialist based in the UK. He is known internationally for his requirements training, coaching and consulting.

Mav has worked as a requirements specialist at Rolls-Royce PLC, as a requirements consultant at Praxis Critical Systems (now Altran UK) and as a researcher/practitioner transferring requirements research into practice at City University in London. He has carried out requirements engineering projects in domains including aerospace, automotive, defence, industrial plant design, rail and software systems. He is experienced in facilitating creativity and innovation workshops to generate novel requirements and design ideas.

Mav is the lead author of the EARS approach to requirements and has published many peer-reviewed papers on requirements, systems engineering and creativity. All of Mav’s papers are available to download at Researchgate. A confident and engaging speaker, he has delivered keynote speeches and invited industry presentations at many international conferences.

Mav is a member of the IEEE “RE” conference series Industry Committee, was Industry Chair for RE13 and Industry Laboratory Chair for RE14. He is a member of IEEE, the British Computer Society (BCS) and the BCS Requirements Engineering Specialist Group committee. He is a chartered engineer.

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